MS Home Pool Services' Team

Here at MS Home Pool Services, Inc., we know that our office and field employees' devotion is what makes us different than the rest of the pool service companies in the DMV area! Each employee has the customer's best interest in mind, and we guarantee that our customers are safe and taken care of when their service is in our hands!




From the office employees who schedule calls, to the service technicians who perform the work, our people are held to a high standard of service that no company can compete with!

Background Checks: With many of our employees entering customer’s backyards and homes for repairs, maintenance, and replacement, each employee must pass a thorough and comprehensive background check before our company hires them and let them wear our uniform. This process allows our customers to be 100% sure that the technician at their pool is a person worthy of trust! Our employees represent our company, and we want to be sure that our reputation and family values are displayed through our respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable employees!

Drug Testing: When it comes to the work being performed, our customers can feel secure knowing that it is completed by fully competent technicians. We feel strongly that each of our employees must be able to pass a drug test before being hired. They are also asked to take drug tests once a month. These test dates are unknown to employees for maximum security and assurance. We believe our customers shouldn’t have to worry about being in their backyard or home alone with our employees, and our firm handle on testing for drugs helps us to ensure that they don’t.

Continuous Training: Our employees go through continuous training to bring our customers crystal clear pool and smooth operational equipment. In addition, they receive continuous classes, hands-on training, and technology training provide by the highest respect association in the USA  "Pool & Hot Tub Alliance" so that they’re always up to date on the latest techniques and equipment. We pride ourselves in the continuous instruction of our employees because when they have the knowledge they need to do the job right, our customers benefit immensely! Jobs are completed efficiently, questions answered correctly, and work done to the customer’s satisfaction!