Professional Development & Training

At MS Home Pool Services we believe that providing your best service possible, will lead to a long-term relationship with your customers... and that is what we strive for!

Throughout the years we understood that the only way to provide THE BEST service is to hire THE BEST people, provide them with THE BEST training techniques and make sure they use THE BEST top of the line equipment. 

MS Home Pool Services Hire

We hire the best and most skilled technicians in the industry. Each of our technicians goes through a rigorous interview process with a skills evaluation, thorough background check, and drug testing.

MS Home Pool Services Training

We offer the highest degree of ongoing professional development and training in the industry. Each of our maintenance guys and service technicians goes through a continuous training process under the tutelage of our Regional Service Manager who have the most recognized certificates in the pool industry (Certified Pool & Spa Operator (CPO), Certified Pool & Spa Building Professional (CBP), Certified Pool & Spa Service Technician (CST), Pool & Spa startup certification and more ).  After the training, our technicians are also being evaluated and certified by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).

MS Home Pool Services on Field Equipment

We provide each of our maintenance guys and technicians with state-of-the-art equipment and technology available in our industry. From high-end pool and spa vacuum machines that we use for our everyday cleaning service to the most reliable leak detection equipment on the market.

Training & Development

We offer our employees, many training and certification opportunities. Our training rooms are outfitted with a complete pool equipment set (pool control, automatic valves, pool filter, circulation pump, cleaner pump, and heater) that is always kept up to date with the newest pool equipment trends on the market.

The equipment is being disassembled and assembled for learning purposes by each member of our team under the supervision of our Service Manager until we know our team is ready to take care of our client's pool configurations. Up to date study books provided by PHTA (formerly APSP)  keep the trainees up to date with our industry's best practices and standards related to their daily routines.

We understand that in order to provide a high level of pool and spa service the professional training must be a part of the career development for all of our technicians.

Our customers deserve HEALTHY WATER & SAFE EQUIPMENT  and we believe that through continued training and career development we will always be able to proudly provide you high quality service.

Certifications & Affiliations

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CBP MS Home Pool Services
CSP MS Home Pool Services
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