Automatic Pool Cleaners

As a pool owner you already know that your pool requires daily efforts to keep it in top shape. The slightest breeze turns your it into a magnet for dust, leafs and cut grass, so now to get back to that sparkling spotless look and make your pool look appealing you need to spend at least half an hour deploying the vacuuming equipment and vacuuming the pool bottom.

Sanitizer Feeders & Salt Generators

​Keeping the pool water sanitized is probably the most important aspect of the pool maintenance. Without the proper amount of sanitizer the water gets unhealthy and sometimes dangerous as the warm summer temperatures and the sunlight turn your pool into a perfect environment for skin and eye inflammatory bacterias. And of course, sometimes the presence of too much sanitizer in the water drys off the skin and irritates the eyes and noses of the swimmers.

Filter Types

The pool filter is indispensable part of your pool.  That is the part that traps all dust particles, small debris, and of course the bacteria and algae previously killed by the sanitizer in the water and keeps it there until it gets permanently discarded through a backwash or cartridge wash. No matter how much chemicals you pour in the pool without a properly functioning filter the water will never look good and your pool will loose its appeal.

Swimming pool control Panel

Wouldn’t it be great if with the simple touch of a button you could control your pool and spa water temperature, lighting, filtering…and more?

Swinning pool Lights

Your swimming pool light is not working? Let Us fix that.


Pool Heaters are a great way to warm your swimming pool water to your perfect temperature during times when cool days, evenings or nights would normally make your pool too cold to enjoy. Pool Heaters are a great way to extend your swimming season, and provide heat on demand when you need it most.

Custom Safety Pool Covers

MS Home Pool Services, Inc works with the leading U.S. cover manufacturers in order to get our customers the best cover for the best price. The manufacturers' workmanship and multitude of options available ensure you'll get a beautiful pool cover that provides safety and peace of mind for years to come.


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