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Pool Filters Types

      The pool filter is an indispensable part of your pool.  That is the part that traps all dust particles, small debris, and of course the bacteria and algae previously killed by the sanitizer in the water and keeps it there until it gets permanently discarded through a backwash or cartridge wash. No matter how much chemicals you pour into the pool without a properly functioning filter the water will never look good and your pool will lose its appeal.
There are three main types of filters they all differ by size, ease of maintenance and operation and quality of filtration.

Sand Filters

How a Sand Filter Work

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1. Flange Clamp Design allows 360-degree rotation of valve to simplify plumbing.

2. Integral Top Diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the top of the sand media bed. Full-size internal piping gives a smooth, free-flowing performance.

3. Unitized, Corrosion- Proof Filter Tank molded of tough, durable colorfast reinforced thermoplastic for dependable, all-weather performance with only minimal care.

4. Efficient, Multi-Lateral Underdrain assembly with precision engineered, self-cleaning 360 degree slotted laterals gives totally balanced the flow of sand.

5. Integral Molded Drain Plug for easy draining of tank, without the loss sand.

6. Totally Corrosion Proof Base is rugged and attractively styled to provide strong, stable support

D.E. Filters (Diatomaceous Earth Filter)

How a Vertical Grid D.E. Filter Work

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Diatomaceous Earth is a porous powder with microscopic openings, that, when magnified, look like tiny sponges. Clearwater can pass through these openings, but particles, as small as one to three microns, are trapped during the first pass through the media D.E. filter have internal elements that become coated with D.E. is this "filter Cake" that strains dirt, dust, algae and some form of bacteria from the water.

1. Automatic Air Relief purge any trapped air during filter operation.

2. Integral Lift Handles and Uniform Low Tank Base make removal of grid nest fast and simple.

3.High-Strength Filter Tank molded of PermaGlass XL provides extra durability for dependable, corrosion-free performance.

4.  High Impact Grid Elements designed for up-flow filtration and top-down backwashing for maximum efficiency.

5. Heavy-Duty Tamper-Proof Bolted Center Flange Clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom together. Allows quick access to all internal components without disturbing piping or connections.

6. Union Locknuts make disassembly and reassembly of the filter from piping fast and easy.

7. Norly Bulkhead Fittings for extra strength and heat resistance.

8. Inlet- Diffuser Elbow distributes the flow of incoming unfiltered water upward and evenly to all filter elements. Parabolic tank design provides for even distribution of D.E. to the grid.

9. Full-Size 1.5" Integral Drain provide fast 100% clean out and easier flushing of the tank.

10. Convenient Valve and Plumbing Options allow for customized control. 2" internal piping and plumbing for maximum flow performance.

Similar to sand filters, when D.E. filters become dirty, they are cleaned either by backwashing or regenerating and draining the clogged D.E. to the 'waste' line. To restore filtration, a fresh 'charge' of D.E. is added to the filter.

Cartridge Filters

How a Cartridge Filter Work

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1. Single Locking Knob securely fastens filter head to filter tank, eliminating clamps or bolts.

2. Filter Head provides easy access to cartridge element. May be rotated to conveniently position pressure gauge and manual air relief valve.

3. Heavy Duty Filter Tank injection molded of high strength Perma Glass for dependable corrosion-free performance.

4.Automatic Air Relief Purges any trapped air during operation.

5. Single Element Cartridge is engineered of high quality reinforced polyester with gasket molded end caps for maximum efficiency, easier cleaning and longer life.

6. Precision Engineered Extruded Core Provides extra strength and superior flow.

7. Elevated Filtered Water Collector and Debris Sump prevent accidental by pass of heavy debris to pool or spa when the cartridge is removed for cleaning.

8. 1.5" or 2" FIP, or 2" SKT connections for plumbing versatility.

9. 0.5" FIP Filter Drain for fast cleaning.


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