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Pool Maintenance

The pool maintenance offered by MS Home Pool Services Inc.

guarantee HEALTHY & BALANCED water and


  In purpose to keep your pool in top shape, you have to spend a good amount of your free time around the pool cleaning it and making sure the water is healthy and balanced, and that your equipment is operating properly.
  Failure to do that will most certainly result in poor water quality which can cause skin and eye infections to your loved ones. Poor water quality also shortens the pool plaster and equipment's life, which will reflect directly on your wallet.
  Contact us and let us help you save time and money.

Maintenance visits start at $135/$155* per visit, most of our clients need us at their pools at least once a week, some have us every two weeks. It depends on how much of the work you are prepared to do on your own.

Our certified pool operators will come to your pool and will perform the following tasks:


  • Testing the water is always the first thing our Certified Maintenance Specialist (CMS) does at a client's pool. All components of the balanced water (PH, Cl/Br, Total Alkalinity, Stabilizer levels, Calcium hardness, TDS, salt level (if salt water) etc.) are tested and later brought to the appropriate levels (NPSF/APSP standards). 

  • Add salt (up to 40 lbs. per visit) for salt generator sanitizers if necessary (no extra charge).  

  • Check pool/spa system (pumps, filters, heater, sanitizer feeder, salt generator) for damages and leaks. 

  • Clean skimmers and all suction ports are essential for the proper circulation of the pool water. 

  • Clean the main pump lint strainer and inspect the strainer basket for damage. 

  • Vacuum the pool with an electric vacuum cleaner (PowerVac) to get rid of smaller debris and sand that had entered the pool and deposited on the bottom, leaves even bigger branches and rocks. 

  • Brush the pool/spa walls, ladders and steps if necessary. 

  • Clean the pool/spa tiles from oily deposits caused by our skin, sun care lotions or outside causative agents. 

  • Clean the filter to ensure maximum filtration rate of the filter. (Backwash of DE and sand filtration systems and wash of cartridge filters if needed). 

  • Add water if needed (at the time of the service visit: up to 60 min. – the client is responsible to keep proper water levels). 

  • Add needed chemicals (Chlorine/Bromine, Calcium Hypochlorite, Muriatic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Chloride, Cyanuric Acid, pool grade salt, Algaecide (Poly 60), Phosphate reducer), to balance water. All premium quality, commercial grade chemicals are supplied by MS Home Pool Services (we never use client chemicals, so we can guarantee the results of our work). 

  • Remove larger debris and leaves from the pool deck with a leaf blower.  

  • Check the pool/spa: pump/s, heater, heat pump, pool cleaner for proper work and safety condition. 

  • Set the pool/spa timer for optimal filtration time depending on the time of the season (or as specified by the client). 

  • Each time our Certified Pool & Spa operator (CPO) will send an e-mail with a picture of your pool and attached written service visit report with the current status of your pool and the actions performed during the service visit. Any issues with the pool equipment or pool water will be brought to the pool owner’s attention before any actions are taken. 

* price for package 1 and package 2 clients

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MS Home Pool Services  Virginia Maryland DC
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MS Home Pool Services  Virginia Maryland DC
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