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Pool Opening  Virginia Maryland DC

Pool Opening   

​​Our pool technicians are always ready to help you with the tedious task of opening your pool.  They will come to your property free of charge and before starting work will give you a firm final quote. They will take off, clean and store your pool cover. After that they will start assembling your filtration system and start water treatment...

 Pool Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Pool Maintenance

As a pool owner you know very well that the work does not end up with the pool opening. To ensure pleasant and healthy experience you need to take continuous care of the pool.  The chemical balance must always be within the healthy means and all equipment must work properly in purpose to have safe and gorgeous looking pool. Our Certified Pool Operators will take care of everything...

virginia swimming pool winterization, virginia Residential Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Pool Winterization​

While the pool opening must be done properly for your and your family's health the pool winterization must be done by a pro technician to ensure the health of your pool throughout the winter. Lousy winterization will easily result in damages to your pool of about $2,000-$3,000. Our technicians will come to your pool and drain between 12" and 18" before disassemble the filter and the pump ...

virginia swimming pool leak detection repair, virginia Residential Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Leak Detection & Repair

​A leak can go unsuspected and undetected for a long time, until the water level is dangerously low. During that time, youhave to pay for wasted water, chemicals, electricity, and heat. water leaking from the pool can cause major problem by undermining the pool and deck, or by expanding the soil and causing the pool to float out of the ground if it is drained. Saturated soil can also cause severe deck movement.

virginia swimming pool caulking re-caulkig, virginia Residential Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Caulking/ Re-caulking

The space between the pool coping and pool deck requires caulk to prevent water from going behind the coping and eroding the soil behind the deck. Without the caulk, the soil can wash out and the decking sink away from the surface, creating an irregular surface that is expensive to repair. The expansion rod and caulking deteriorate over time, so you should lift your pool coping annually and inspect the joint behind the coping and caulk if necessary.

virginia swimming pool acid wash, virginia pool drain and clean, virginia Residential Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Acid Wash/ Drain and Clean

Acid wash is a pool service that involves washing the inside of a pool (coping stones, tiles and white coat ) with acid solution, which will remove scale build-up and stains. You will need this pool service if you notice that your pool water clarity is poor and there are visible stains and scales that have build-up along the pools walls and tiles.


Maintenance Packages

MS Home Pool Services, Inc. offers 3 different service packages to our clients. 
If you do not want to worry anymore about an opening, closing your pool, and dealing with maintenance throughout the season.

virginia swimming pool pump filter heater installation, virginia Residential Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Pump, Filter & Heater Repair and Installation

The equipment of any pool needs regular maintenance (clean up, lubrication, cartridge and impeller replacements) to ensure longer life of the main components. Unfortunately no matter how well we take care of it, because it is exposed all year round to the weather elements and heavy duty use in the Summer the equipment often fails.  MSHPS's certified pool techs can pick up and install ...

virginia swimming pool safety winter cover installation, virginia Residential Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Custom Safety Cover Installation

MS Home Pool Services is partnering with the leaders in the solid and mesh pool cover manufacturing industry.  The process starts with one of our technicians coming to your pool to take the measurements of the pool and take pictures of unusual walls, waterfalls, etc. Next step is we submit the measurements and the blueprint of your pool for an estimate. After that...

Home Pool Services salt pool conversion

Sanitizer Feeders & Salt Generators

​Keeping the pool water sanitized is probably the most important aspect of the pool maintenance. Without the proper amount of sanitizer the water gets unhealthy and sometimes dangerous as the warm summer temperatures and the sunlight turn your pool into a perfect environment for skin and eye inflammatory bacterias. And of course, sometimes the presence of too much sanitizer in the water drys off the skin and irritates the eyes and noses of the swimmers.

Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement  Virginia Maryland DC

Vinyl Liners

Time for a new vinyl liner?

Schedule a free estimate with us. Great variety, competitive prices.

Pool Safety Fence  Virginia Maryland DC

Safety Fence

The only solution that will guarantee your peace of mind when you are a pool owner and a parent or a pet owner. The fence can be installed and/ or removed in under 10 minutes.

MS Home Pool Services Inspection report.

Pool Inspection

The inspection we perform is a visual and operational inspection of the pool and equipment. After our inspection is completed, we provide a report with repair recommendations and referrals to capable companies.

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