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Automatic Pool Cleaners Installation & Replacement


       As a pool owner, you already know that your pool requires daily efforts to keep it in top shape. The slightest breeze turns you it into a magnet for dust, leaves and cuts grass, so now to get back to that sparkling, spotless look and make your pool look appealing you need to spend at least half an hour deploying the vacuuming equipment and vacuuming the pool bottom.
If you are tired of that but still want a clean pool without the effort of doing the cleaning on your own or the expense to have someone servicing your pool every day. Then you need an automatic vacuum cleaner that will do all the work for you, every day, twice a day or all day long if you want it to.
The installation in 90% of the cases does not require additional construction work and takes less than a day to get it installed.

virginia Residential Swimming Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Pressure Driven Automatic Cleaners

This kind of automatic pool cleaners is probably the most popular among our clients. They are the most reliable cleaners on the market. Proven to do the job without a problem quickly effectively even when we are talking about larger debris not only sand.
The greater quality comes with a greater price tag compared to the other types of cleaners. That is partially due to the fact that they require additional (booster) pump to be purchased and installed.

virginia Residential Swimming Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Suction Driven Automatic Cleaners

That type of automatic cleaners is pretty effective and relatively cheaper than the pressure driven cleaners mostly because they do not require an additional pump to be installed as they use the suction created by the filter pump.
Suction driven cleaners are being plugged into specially designated vacuum line on the pool wall or just into one of the skimmers (recommended for pools with at least two skimmers).

virginia Residential Swimming Pool Services Maintenance Virginia Maryland DC

Robotic Automatic Cleaners

The robotic type of automatic cleaners are independently plugged into the electric grid and are driven by an electric motor that is creating suction underneath the robot. The water is sucked into a filter bag that holds smaller debris and sand. Relatively cheaper option but most models are recommended (or programmed) to function only several hours a day (otherwise the electric motor can burn) which sometimes is not enough to keep the pool bottom spotless.

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