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Pump, Filter & Heater Installation & Replacement

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   No matter how beautiful and exquisite your pool is without a functioning filtration system it will look like a swamp in a matter of hours.
If something does not seem right, your pump doesn't work, your heater is not heating the water, if your booster pump is not making your Polaris move if your filter does not make your pool water crystal clean CONTACT US!!!

     Pump repair and replacement
We offer spare parts and service to ALL residential pool pumps available on the market. 
We always try to save money to our clients by replacing a broken component of the pump instead of having them buy a brand new one (unless the pump is too old and soon is expected to fail completely).
When a new pump is required we offer a wide range of pump brands with different characteristics for your consideration.  Our experienced pool technicians will be always there to answer all of your questions and to help you make an informed decision.


    Filter repair and replacement
We offer a wide range of pool filters: DE filters, sand filters, cartridge filters of the leading manufacturers.  Just call and we will have one of our certified pool techs at your pool within 24 hours to take care of you and to answer all questions you may have regarding your filtration system.


    Heater repair and replacement
The heater is usually the most expensive component of the pool equipment, luckily for you, it is relatively standardized and easy to repair. If it is not working or it just doesn't work as it did last year we will be happy to stop by and diagnose it for you.

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