Vinyl Liner Installation



  • Your pool will be visually inspected by the consultant.

  • The measurements of your pool will be taken.

  • The history of the pool will be noted.

  • The consultant will ask you about past problems, repairs, or special concerns you have and will address each issue with you.

  • If your consultant observes existing areas of concern and the necessity for repairs to be made, options will be discussed.

  • Please note that not all existing problems can be readily seen and may be discovered after work begins.

  • If you desire any additions such as steps, seats ladders or railings, those components will be discussed.Liner options will be presented for your choice of thickness, color, and pattern.

  • A contract containing the description of work and applicable costs will be presented for signature



  • Your pool water will be drained a day or two before work begins.

  • Your old liner is removed and disposed of by MS Home Pool Service.

  • Any work debris is removed from the pool area.

  • Your now bare bottom pool is inspected for damage, signs of past problems, or signs of potential problems.

  • Pool Walls are inspected.

  • Existing keylock is cleaned and inspected.

  • Fixtures are inspected.

  • Fittings are removed and inspected.

  • The pool bottom is troweled smooth and the walls are prepared for the new liner

  • New wall foam is installed 

  • A vacuum is set into place to suck the new liner into position and the water is started to refill the pool from your hose(s)

  • We cut remaining vinyl from any opening

  • Your new liner is installed.



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