Facelifts & Renovations

   Every pool needs periodic maintenance and renovation in purpose to be kept in top shape. Tiles, coping stone and plaster need periodic replacement due to their permanent exposure to the weather, water, and the chemicals in the water. Usually, our clients require a renovation or a so-called pool "facelift" every 10-12 years that is when tiles start to fall off and coping stones to crack and shift.

MS Home Pool Services offers the entire range of services:


  • Coping stone resetting /replacement - both custom natural stone and standard brick and concrete copings.

  • Waterline tiles repair and replacement - we are working with a wide range of supplier which enables us to offer our clients a great variety of standard and custom tiles.

  • Vinyl liner replacement - we are offering some of the most competitive prices on liners and their installation.

  • Re-Plastering - we offer full and partial re-plastering (patching). Call us for a free estimate.

  • Caulking/Re-Caulking

  • Piping/Re-Piping

  • Pool equipment upgrade

  • Pool equipment removal

  • Safety pool fence

  • ...and many more


Facelifts & Renovations done by MS Home Pool Services, Inc.

Pool Renovation Potomac MD

- new coping stones (bricks)

- new waterline tiles

- caulking

- pool acid wash.


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